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Sep 21, 2018

In the Studio: Indian & The Jones

Bluegrass fusion band, Indian & The Jones did a full 5-day tracking session recently. With engineer/producer Partick Conway at the helm, their debut album is on the way!

Indian and The Jones is Tanner Evans, Jesse Schaefer, and Sarah Dossey.

Combining sounds and elements of American folk music, bluegrass, old time music, country music, and modern folk songwriting, Indian & the Jones crafts a fresh sound that harkens back to the deep, illustrious musical traditions of America. 

With Dossey and Schaefer's pop roots, and Evan's deep knowledge of traditional fiddle tunes and folk tradition,  Indian & The Jones beautifully marries their collective love of crafting great songs with their foundation in Texas music. These three know how to write songs that are fun, sometimes heartbreaking, and catchy to the core. 

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