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Sep 27, 2018

Blue Rock Green

What's new?  Some changes you can see, and there's a lot going on under the surface.  Because, in a very important way, this is "our" place, it's shared with you... we are making this a community announcement at the show tonight.    

We gather in the Texas Hill Country, high above the Blanco River.  A lot of us live out here with the coyotes and the foxes, the deer and the rattle snakes.  We notice the phases of the moon.  We know our rainfall stats.  We pay attention to the burn ban.  We are well acquainted with floods and drought.  Out here nature is unavoidable.  We love it.  We respect it.  We've learned to pay attention.  

So, something has occurred to us in these 15 years of building and running Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, with its 9000 sq. ft., 8 air conditioners, and its 900 ft. straw down into the water table.  Here's what dawned on us:  while we have great faith in the renewable qualities of the human spirit, we need to have more faith in the boundless renewable natural resources available to run this place.  This would help lighten our  footprint on the planet, and would serve our mission of creative engagement.  So, tonight we're announcing something already in process, that we want to continue with you, our community:


Yes, we've added a color! We have a lot to learn, but here's what we're doing right now to become sustainable.  

  • We're tending to our energy systems and efficiencies.  
  • Tightened up the buildings, added insulation 
  • Modernized our air systems, got off of the old R-22 freon
  • Where we're remodeling, we've used recycled floors and tile materials 
  • We’re quickly transitioning to efficient and lovely LED, low power, lighting 
  • Here's a big one: Clean electricity. Yes, every song and every album will be made with 100% renewable wind and solar energy.  The first one was last week with an Austin band, Indian and the Jones
  • Rain water harvesting build starts now - 31k gallon tank, it'll be beautiful!
  • Registered Songbird Sanctuary
  • Recycling plastic, cans, bottles
  • We have compostable plates and cups for audiences!
RAINWATER SYSTEM installation underway:


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