BILLY CROCKETT is a music producer, songwriter, recording artist, and the Creative Director of Blue Rock Studio. He holds a Master of Liberal Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University, has recorded eleven solo albums, and has performed internationally. Billy is a multi-instrumentalist, and has produced albums for Cliff Eberhardt, Grace Pettis, Beth Wood, RJ Cowdery, Darryl Purpose, and others. Billy's recent folk/pop release is Wishing Sky.

DODEE CROCKETT is a Director of Hospitality and Celebrations at Blue Rock.   Outside Blue Rock, she works as an investment advisor and philanthropic advocate. She serves on the executive and advisory boards of several non-profits including The Blue Rock Foundation and as an Ambassador for Public Radio International. 

MIMI CONROY is our House Manager at Blue Rock. As a professional chef, caterer and restaurateur she has worked in many of Austin's premier restaurants. A short stint found her in Governor Ann Richards' kitchen. Her spark for hospitality and personal wellbeing led her to coordinating group retreats throughout Central Texas. She looks forward to welcoming you with a warm smile and something delicious in the oven.

PATRICK CONWAY is a producer, engineer, and musician with twenty plus years of experience in studios in San Francisco, Honolulu, and Austin. He brings a command of the recording process, a familiarity in a range of styles, and loads of positive energy to every project. Patrick is also the frontman, guitarist, and lead songwriter of the The Lost & Nameless Orchestra, playing major folk venues and festivals in the US. Patrick loves assisting artists and bands and is currently available for new projects.

SARAH GARBER is an audio/video production assistant at Blue Rock, assistant engineer, and is currently studying Sound Recording Technology at Texas State University. With a great love for music and technology, she is a classical violinist, aficionado of vintage rock and roll, and frequently operates video cameras, directs video, and mixes house audio for our LIVE concert broadcast


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