Women With Standards: Sessions LIVE

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

LIVE @ 7:30 PM CDT
A night of class, sass and casual elegance

A concert event for those in the room, and a chance to witness a live recording session for fans online.
Women With Standards: Sessions LIVE is a private event, but also broadcasted LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.


Women With Standards is a duo of musical artists who share their love of American Songbook and the Contemporary Cabaret Songbook, as well as create a few originals of their own here and there. Coming together as musicians and friends, their joy in creating music together is obvious to all who hear them.

And coming together they did - Chick Morgan from the east coast where she sang in the cabaret clubs of New York for many years, and Nancy Williams, who has spent most of her life in Texas, at the piano. 


Chick, The Cowgirl Diva, began her music journey by singing “This Little Light of Mine” at the Fort Sam Houston, Texas Protestant Chapel at the age of 6.   She’s traveled the world professionally, but came back home to Texas a few years ago after living all her adult life in New York and other areas of New England, singing in the cabaret clubs of NYC for ten years.  She brings her special blend of performing – Where New York Class Meets Texas Sass – all the way from Broadway to the Blanco.

Nancy Williams has been sharing her passion for music at the piano since early childhood. Her gift of supporting and encouraging others, woven together with her musical talent, has opened many doors for her to work with other artists as she follows her passion to create music that entertains the heart and speaks to the soul. 

Together, they bring a style of class and sass, but most of all casual elegance as they invite their audience to sip champagne, put on their finery, and sit back and enjoy music that is timeless. 

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