Robert Ellis - Texas Piano Man

Thursday, September 12, 2019

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"Only the truly exceptional artists, with the right mix of confidence and wit - Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tom Waits—dare to scrap the template that first won them acclaim and basically start over, with a new, often sideways approach to their craft. That’s exactly what Texas native Robert Ellis has done with his latest album, Texas Piano Man." Men's Journal 

"In an arrangement filled with oohs and ahhs that cross both Abbey and Yellow Brick roads, Ellis posits our hearts' toil in the everyday insanity of the world, so that maybe the only sane approach to life is recklessly falling in love.” NPR Music

“...on his forthcoming album, Texas Piano Man, he dives deeply into a new persona: a white-suited, blue bonnet Elton John determined to challenge expectations of what it means to be a musician residing in the Lone Star State.” Rolling Stone Country

“Ellis can do shit kicking honky-tonk just as well as he can inhabit an ivory-tickling Lone Star State of Mind." Rolling Stone Country

“Ellis loses none of his sharp eye for storytelling or emotional nuance on this, his fifth release for New West Records. But he adds a wisecracking edge that allows his airy tenor to become richer and more expressive with his newfound penchant for humor. In other words, it’s a lot of fun.” Rolling Stone Country

Texas Piano pure raucous fun, eleven tunes that demand to be played at full volume while dancing around the shuffleboard table at your favorite dive.” Texas Monthly

“On Texas Piano Man, Ellis displays his mastery by blending the barrelhouse stylings of pioneering Texas musician Moon Mullican with the staccato rhythms of Elton John.  The resulting sound feels like it would be at home in both a West Texas saloon and a Long Island piano bar.” Texas Monthly

"Will this be the record that breaks Ellis through to the masses? Who knows. But it should be." Austin American Statesman

"Bennie and the Jets' via Abbey Road." Relix Magazine

“Is this guy the Texas David Bowie?” The Texas Standard, Texas Public Radio

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During the live stream, we will be collecting donations in support of hurricane Dorian relief efforts. Our organization of choice is Convoy Of Hope.
Convoy helped our little town of Wimberley after the flood of 2015, and were an inpiration. They are in The Bahamas as we speak providing aid and supplies.

Article ~ "Convoy Responds To Hurricane Dorian"

Join us for the opening show of the Blue Rock fall season!  Performing songwriter and New West Record's Robert Ellis blows in like a fresh Texas norther.  He's just back from Europe with Rufus Wainwright, has a new album of crazy ass heartbreak, and is makes his first appearance here at the studio September 12.  RSVP now.   

Robert Ellis:  Something inside wanted out. Or as one of his bandmates put it: Ellis had to create a character in order to finally be himself on stage. Which brings us to the Texas Piano Man, a character or persona that isn’t made up whole cloth, but rather a large projection of Ellis’ wilder inclinations. A guy who named his publishing company Southern Liberace has embraced the idea of being a Rocket Man from Space City. “With Texas, people expect a certain thing and they want a certain thing, and I fought that for a long time,” he says. “I’ve realized though that Texas shouldn’t be made a category. I want to redefine what it means to be Texan a little bit.”

“Dressed head to heels in a white tuxedo, Robert Ellis has now fully embraced his role as Texas troubadour, putting a little Gram Parsons-style honky-tonk into the bedazzled piano-pop of Elton John” NPR Music

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