Peter Bradley Adams

Thursday, June 12, 2014

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
"intelligent, atmospheric, intimate and haunting..."

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"I guess in this culture of ever-shortening attention spans, its good if a song can lift us out of the madness, even if only for a few minutes." Peter Bradley Adams

It's no wonder that directors like Cameron Crowe favor the music of singer-songwriter and guitarist/pianist Peter Bradley Adams with choice placement in their films and TV productions: Peters songs are timeless, spacious and evocative, and simultaneously simple but profound. Nasvhille Scene writes that theres a certain blurry, art-house atmosphere in his songs makes them a good fit for indie scaled romantic films like Elizabethtown

Peter was first known as co-founder of AAA radio darlings and commercially successful duo eastmountainsouth, signed by Robbie Robertson to Dreamworks Records. Now with Sarathan Records, Peter has garnered critical acclaim as a solo artist. 

What is most impressive is the tremendous passion, loyalty, and even love that Peters fans express online for his music: the social networks are filled with reports of listening to one of his records three times in a row, or that it was the perfect soundtrack to a road trip or a key moment in life. Peters songs capture a feeling of place, but are written in a universal voice. There is also a sweet but restless yearning: as Peter says, "There has to be tension in music. Even the most placid music has to have some sense of longing, otherwise its just boring; a close friend once told me if there was bumper sticker for me it would read RELUCTANT GYPSY."

During all his nomadic wanderings through Europe, India, and the US -- including living in Birmingham, AL, Los Angeles, Nashville, and now Brooklyn, NY -- Peter is always patiently waiting to capture the next song that feels like it has already existed forever.  -

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