Band of Heathens (Acoustic Show)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

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“The Band of Heathens, an Austin-based group, played the best set I came across during my five nights in town (at SXSW 2009).”—THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“. . . what makes these Heathens so refreshingly different is the overall musicianship and seamless blending of alt-rockers, folk tales, gutbucket blues and heartland anthems.”—CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

“. . . there’s no denying the appeal of the group’s soulful rocking swagger and lock-tight arrangements.”—TEXAS MONTHLY

“While it’s tough to stake your claim in this well-populated musical territory, in addition to a solid set of tunes, the Band of Heathens boasts tight-fisted musicianship and the seamless sound of a group that thinks and plays like a unit.” —THE CHARLESTON GAZETTE

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CDT
Heathens are back! Season opener.
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Welcome back, Band of Heathens, for an acoustic show!

In the course of evolving from loose assemblage to world-class rock ’n’ roll outfit, the Band of Heathens has built a potent body of recorded work that’s won the Austin, Texas ensemble a fiercely loyal fan base and a reputation as one of its hometown’s most vital musical resources. BoH is also known as one of America’s hardest-working touring acts, while revealing a musical and lyrical depth that consistently enriches an infectious songcraft.

Sunday Morning Record, the Band of Heathens’ fourth studio album (and seventh overall), marks a milestone in the resilient outfit’s development, capturing the musicians’ remarkable creative chemistry along with the deepening melodic and emotional resonance in the songwriting of founding singer-guitarists Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist. The 11-song set, produced by Austin studio vets and longtime BoH collaborators George Reiff and Steve Christensen, is the product of an intense period of change within and around the group.


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