BettySoo, Susan Gibson, Billy Crockett and friends

Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Susan Gibson

"Susan has spent more than a decade crafting great songs that share (and usually exceed) the qualities that made "Wide Open Spaces" such a hit - authenticity, wit, and themes to which just about anyone with a heartbeat can relate."
- No Depression Review

"She’s a Texas Panhandle stylist with a voice that’s both beautiful and unique. No one sounds like this woman who has been sharing her gift at clubs, house venues and festivals for more than 14 years."
- Norman, OK Transcript


"BettySoo’s voice is the perfect combination of strength, vulnerability and clarity.
It is just perfect."

"In the over-crowded, somewhat stale field of Americana, BettySoo is the very real deal…"
– Houston Press

Billy Crockett

"I cracked my neck… cracked my knuckles… and cried… If you want to be a writer… this is what you're after..."
- Poet Nathan Brown

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CDT
THE BLUE TUESDAYS - a glimpse of friends and writers on the capricious road of songwriting.
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The Blue Rock Studio Writers Collective, "The Blue Tuesdays," is a small group of veteran songwriters sharpening each others' new work each week.  This concert features founding members Billy Crockett, BettySoo, and Susan Gibson in the round, with songs, stories, and a glimpse of the creative processes involved.  Special guest cameos TBA.

BettySoo grew up in Spring, TX. Moved to Austin to attend UT. Now with 4 solo albums, a solo EP, two duo covers albums, plenty of guest vocals on other great albums, and a slew of songwriting awards under her belt, BettySoo's life looks pretty different from how it did nine years ago, when she was a newlywed in graduate school (she dropped out to be a musician). BettySoo's shows are ever-changing and entertaining - as much for what is said off the cuff between songs as for the songwriting and her breathtaking delivery. She's garnered her share of great show reviews on top of the critical success her albums have achieved.

Susan Gibson, Minnesota born but mostly Texas raised, went to college in Texas and Montana where she started in the open mic scene.  She jumped into the Texas touring circuit when she joined The Groobees in Amarillo in 1996, and they recorded 4 well received albums before splitting up in 2002.  Not one to lose momentum, Gibson hit the road in 2003 with “Chin Up,” her first solo record, and hasn’t slowed down since.  “The Second Hand” is her 5th release, and she’s collected honors along the way like BMI’s “Songwriter of the Year” and “Entertainer of the Year” from the West Texas Music Hall of Fame.  In 2013 she was honored to play at the Texas State Society’s Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C.

Billy Crockett is a music producer, performing songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and the creative director of Blue Rock Studio in the Texas hill country.  He produces albums, LIVE concert broadcasts, and edits a journal on creative process. Billy has been featured on the BMI songwriter panel at SXSW, the TV series Troubadour Texas, the Academy of Gospel Music Arts, and as guitar clinician for Yamaha. Billy has recorded eleven solo albums and has performed across four decades.  Billy's recent folk/pop release is Wishing Sky and he has a new album in the works for 2016.

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