The Hot Nut Riveters featuring Guy Forsyth

Thursday, January 12, 2017

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“The insanely talented multi-instrumentalistcan put on one hell of a show, alternately dazzling and amusing audiences on a musical journey that ventures from ragtime jazz and Delta blues to socially conscious folk and rollicking modern rock.”
                  ¬– Texas Music Magazine

“Pick a weapon – harmonica, composer’s pen, saw, bandleader baton, voice, guitar – and Forsyth will display his formidable skills, particularly onstage, where the Austin showman shines.”
                 – David Lynch, Austin Chronicle

“Forsyth’s skills as a bandleader, singer, harmonicaplayer and entertainer remind you exactly why live music rules in Austin.”
                – Joe Gross, Austin American Statesman

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CDT
americana, blues, comedy, folk, traditional... Austin!

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From the diabolical mind of Guy Forsyth, the man who brought you the famous (some would say infamous) Asylum Street Spankers, and the somewhat less inventively named but no less infamous Guy Forsyth Band, we proudly present The Hot Nut Riveters - Texas’s Original Recession Era String Band.
Believe it or not, it was over twenty years ago when Guy Forsyth, still wet behind the ears and entirely oblivious to just how crazy an idea it was, started a band who played all acoustic instruments and specialized in a strange and heady homebrew of genre and influences, and promptly began mining the deep, rich veins of American traditional and popular music forms. Call it traditional bluespop folk countrygrass. Wait, no. Call it traditional alt-bluespop folk countrygrass.

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