Anais Mitchell

Thursday, May 10, 2012

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
Epic themes delivered with keen wit, intelligence, and emotional power.

A rare and remarkable event with Anais and special guests Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri.  Enjoy the images by Rodney Bursiel and the video highlights by our Blue Rock Tech Team. 

Anaïs Mitchell, a 2003 New Folk winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival, is a ground-breaking songwriter and cultural critic.  She was nominated in 2008 for best Contemporary Artist at the International Folk Alliance awards.  In 2010 she released the critically acclaimed HADESTOWN, a “folk opera” featuring Ani DeFranco and Greg Brown in a retelling of the Orpheus myth set in a “post-apolcalyptic, depression-era America.”

Her new album (Spring 2012), Young Man in America, is her first independent release since her projects with Righteous Babe Records.  The new album speaks with the voice and yearnings of its title character and takes inspiration from the life and writings of her father.  “The emotions are my own,” says Mitchell. “As for the Young Man, he’s in me too, I feel his restlessness a lot. He’s a part of me like my dad’s old book or like something an old lover said one time. Those parts of ourselves that haunt us, sometimes we have to appease them with an offering of food and wine so they’ll quit haunting us for a while. This album is that kind of offering.”

We’ve looked forward to this show since she brought down the house from the Blue Rock Studio stage during SXSW in 2010.  Come help us welcome Anaïs Mitchell. 

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