David Berkeley

Thursday, September 8, 2011

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
A fresh voice on the scene - literate and compelling.

David Berkeley returned to Blue Rock after a remarkable visit during SXSW this year. His songs and stories, melodies and musicianship, were alive and well. He brought along sideman Jordan Katz. Photo by Rodney Bursiel.

For the better part of the last decade, singer-songwriter David Berkeley has criss-crossed the United States relating songs of fear, hope, faith and love. The Harvard-educated, Jersey native has a keen eye for detail and an even keener ear for melody. Through the course of three albums he’s garnered ample amounts of critical praise and his latest disc, Some Kind of Cure, just might be his best.

While living in a 35-person village in the mountains of Corsica, David Berkeley wrote the most haunting and powerful music of his life. Upon returning to America, he began recording a collection of these songs. His “lustrous melancholy” voice, as described by the New York times, has never sounded better. Berkeley has also written an accompanying book of short stories (one for each song), 140 Goats and a Guitar, the Stories Behind Some Kind of Cure, to be released in conjunction with the album.

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