The Waymores

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
Three exceptional "alt-Nashville" artists in-the-round.

The harmonies alone from Don, Sally, and Tom brought down the moon. Stellar songs with heart and intelligence. What lovely fun. Thanks to Rodney Bursiel for the photos and to all for making this a great night.
- Billy and Dodee


Don Henry is a Grammy award winning songwriter, who's songs have been recorded by Ray Charles, Patti page, and Conway Twitty to name a few. Revered by Nashville as one of the town's finest (and funniest) songwriters.

Sally Barris has written hits for Keith Urban, Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, yet still maintains her folk and celtic heritage with her sweet mountain soprano.

Tom Kimmel has been a short order cook, bus boy, taxi driver, chef, shipping clerk, lab technician, janitor, waiter, bartender and window washer. Now he's an award winning songwriter, with cuts by Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Cocker, and many others on his resume. You may remember him alongside Pierce Pettis and Kate Campbell with the New Agrarians at Blue Rock last April.

All three have formidable solo careers as writers and performers.'s waymore.

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