Shawn Colvin

Thursday, April 9, 2009

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
Simply fantastic.

We had to pinch ourselves. It was an exquisite evening with Shawn Colvin at Blue Rock Studio. Her artistry is rare and such was this short time together. Friend and national touring artist, Beth Wood, opened the show. Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers, staff, and community of friends who made it great. Enjoy these photos by Rodney Bursiel.

Shawn Colvin is a household name now, but she's been at it for quite a while. She started attracting her fervent audience in the early 1980's, playing gigs in Boston and New York City bars. Her debut album Steady On, was released to critical acclaim and garnered her a Best Comtemporary Folk Grammy in 1989. Eight years later, the release of A Few Small Repairs (and the single "Sunny Came Home") launched Shawn into superstardom and put two more Grammys on her mantle.

Always resistant to formulas, Shawn took a five year respite from the recording business and reinvented her personal and professional life at home in Austin, which inspired the production her latest release (and Nonesuch debut) These Four Walls. Shawn is doing what she does best...writing crafted, literate songs, that remain tender, heartfelt, and accessible while avoiding clichéd sentimentality.

This was one to remember. Thanks to all for this rare evening with acclaimed artist, songwriter, and Austinite Shawn Colvin, as she graced the stage at Blue Rock Studio.

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