Christmas with David Wilcox

Monday, December 22, 2008

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
David Wilcox featuring Beth Wood and Billy Crockett in-the-round and carol singing at Blue Rock.

Sleigh bells rang... and we had two remarkable evenings of artists in-the-round and carol singing at Blue Rock! A Hill Country Christmas was on for its third year.

Yes, David Wilcox! Of course he is a favorite at Blue Rock. His stellar performance back in October of 2006 is still reverberating around the Texas Room and he tends to stop in to say hello whenever passing through Central Texas. His remarkable interview, "As if I Came From the Ocean," featured in the second volume of The Blue Rock Review, is as insightful as his songwriting. We are delighted to announce his official return to the Blue Rock stage as he headlines the third annual A Hill Country Christmas! His new record, Airstream, was released in early 2008, the title derived from his two years of cross-country travel with his family in (you guessed it) an Airstream trailer. David has recorded extensively, toured prolifically, has appeared on The Tonight Show, and is a household name among guitarists, songwriters, and thoughtful listeners all over the world.

Beth Wood, also a friend and regular at Blue Rock, is celebrating a new record, recent vows with her man Marty, and what seems a limitless joie de vivre. Beth threw caution and her day job to the wind in the mid-1990's when she launched a career as a singer-songwriter. Now, with numerous awards and folk festival success stories (she has won The New Folk award at Kerrville and many other blue ribbon song contests), Beth has released her seventh studio album Beachcomber's Daughter. Her songs are insightful, witty, and soar on the wings of a voice that seems able do anything. People have attempted to categorize her music but we find this description to be the most accurate..."soulful, organic, free-range, barefoot music delivered through a high energy communicator of joy."

Billy Crockett is a writer/artist who co-owns and directs Blue Rock's studio and concert programming. As is tradition, he will host A Hill Country Christmas and perform along with David and Beth. Billy has 10 solo albums and has toured for over 25 years. His classical guitar album Passages was released last year. Now, after seven years of retreat from the concert realm, he returns with new songs and a new album in the works.

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