Jane Siberry

Thursday, February 14, 2013

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“Spellbinding.” David Sinclair, London Times

“Few artists consistently surprise and delight like Canada’s Jane Siberry.” Fanfare Magazine, NYC

“Jane Siberry is a special and rare talent.” Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

“Jane Siberry’s voice ranks among the most beautiful sounds on the planet.” Dallas Morning News

“A gem. Siberry approaches her task with a fearless simplicity.” Richard Walls, Rolling Stone

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LIVE @ 7:30 pm CST

The exquisite Canadian art song diva for Valentine’s Day!

What Occasionally rising into the limelight like a proper Canadian phoenix, Siberry has been steadily making musical offerings above and below the radar since 1981. After recording her twelfth CD in 2006, Siberry changed her name to ‘Issa’ for three years. Her last tour was an intense and highly successful series of seventy-two house concerts in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Great Britain. She recently completed the fourth part of a trilogy in New York with producer Peter Kiesewalter (a fellow Canadian). Siberry is known for her original and adventurous musical vision and her independent journey has contributed to new models for operating as a musician. Siberry maintains that she is inching her way towards her prime and expects there to be further delay.

She has released over 18 albums.

In 1996, she founded Sheeba Records, but over time, realized that “I was putting out better music but making fewer sales,” she recalls. “There was endless debt.”

In 2006, she closed Sheeba and, keeping just one “travelling” guitar, sold everything, including her Toronto home.

That year, she changed her name to Issa, as a way to recharge her creativity and separate herself from the famous Jane Siberry, of whom she says: “I can’t imagine who that girl was. I was so young and immature.”

These days, she’s back to Jane — some of the old Jane, but mostly the new. She leads a peripatetic lifestyle, free to stay for a day in one place, months in another. She eschews possessions and spends two months or so a year at her off-the-grid cabin in northern Ontario.

For more information on this artist, visit http://janesiberry.com/

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