Jon Dee Graham

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
coffee, tea, and desserts
Bone raw, heartfelt, sly, humorous, and profound.

John Dee Graham's concert at Blue Rock Studios was bone raw, heartfelt, sly, humorous, and profound.

Highlights included "Tie a Knot," "We Remain," and "Swept Away," which were delivered with rough grace and authority. He confessed along the way that "if rock and roll is about risk, then one guy with one guitar is about as rock and roll as it gets!" He told some great, spare, and oddly interesting stories about family, songwriting, Muhammad Ali, and the city of Amsterdam. This is one we'll be talking about for a long while. Thanks to David S. Duke for the pictures.

Jon Dee Graham's songs have been described as "humble, rugged explorations of the dark... the utter bone-weariness of life in general - all leavened and energized by unsinkable hope and muscular, electrifying grooves."

No doubt there are few artists who deliver such a mix of raw experience and poetic grace.

He was voted "Musician of the Year" at the Austin Music Awards last year. This, after being named "Singer Songwriter of the Year" in 2000. Graham has recorded five celebrated albums, collaborated with Charlie Sexton, long-time sidekick Mike Hardwick, songbird Patty Griffin, and many others. His latest studio album, Full, has now been released on Freedom Records to wide acclaim.


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