Blue Rock News

Dec 28, 2018

Looking back at 2018

Here's a few images from a remarkable year.  

In February, the legendary Darrell Scott was back on the Blue Rock LIVE stage. With help from Collings Guitars, he delivered one of our favorite concerts ever. Darryl also lead a weekend songwriting workshop, sponsored by the Blue Rock Foundation, for 21 inpired writers.

Houston based jazz pianist, composer, producer, and professor, Paul English was with us twice this year. Once producing the lovely accapella group Beyond Jordan. And again for a Sessions LIVE event with the Paul English Jazz Quartet, broadcast across the web. 


It's always exciting when Christopher Cross brings his new work. And this year we had a blast with Freedonia!, a Fagen/Becker-style sophisticated pop band. Engineer Chris Bell recorded drums (wild man Scott Laningham) for their debut album, and we brought them back for a Blue Rock LIVE concert.

Iconic bassist and producer Roscoe Beck brought us a project from Swiss songwriter, Toni Vescoli, and a band of Austin's finest: Tom Brechtlein, Joel GuzmanDavid Grissom, and Carrie Rodriguez

Pro Audio event: An evening with Dave Malekpour of Augspurger monitors.  We gathered a room of Austin's finest audio engineers to listen to Augspurger's latest in studio mointoring and to geek out with Dave about speaker design and room tuning. Engineer, Chris Bell, brought his TREO 812s. Creekside Cookers brought the Barbeque. And Real Ale provided the beer.  A beautiful evenining!  

Nashville based Caryl Mack Parker band tracking Sessions LIVE broadcast.  

In October we brought Austin's Dawn & Hawkes to the stage with LA artist and blogger, Ari Herstand. Ari stayed to lead a bootcamp the next day on the new Indie Music Business. We're loving his book. The concert and workshop were a knockout! 

Isralie bluesman, Lazer Lloyd, tracking his upcoming album with producer/engineer Chris Bell.


Austin's Indian & The Jones tracked their debut album with producer Patrick Conway. This session was the very first Blue Rock album tracked with 100% renewable energy!   


Renowned folk duo, Moors & McCumber, recording their new release, Acrobats, with engineer, Patrick Conway.


Erin Ivey tracking fresh songs with her band, including producer/guitarist Chuck Pinnell.  

2018 has been a memorable year for Blue Rock's, Patrick Conway. Freelance engineer/producer and full time father of three, Patrick and his wife, Inga, celebrated another addition to their team this year. Patrick balances it all and celebrates the best things in life: music and family.

Artist Tom Plasschaert recording with Patrick Conway.

2018 was a powerful year for Blue Rock studio manager, Sarah Randolph. In the spring, she graduated from Texas State and got married to her true love. Just 2 months after the wedding, Sarah and her husband Tommy lost everything except each other, her violin, and his guitar in the tragic apartment fires in San Marcos. They now have a new life in Wimberley and are entering 2019 transformed and strengthened. 

It was the year of Blue Rock Green!, and our team made it happen. Project manager and quality human, Bobby Arnold, took charge of our renovations and assisted in getting Blue Rock on the path of Eco living. Groundskeeper Mike Barras designed an irrigation system for controlling water flow and many other improvements in his first year on the team. 

Here is our intrepid tech team: Simon Reid, Jahne Zachary, Nicte Rosas, Will Clegg, Kat Rogers (students or recent grads of Texas State U.) and staff Billy Crockett, Sarah Randolph, and Patrick Conway. By the way, we love our tech gentlemen. However, this is the year to champion our tech women. Setting new Blue Rock records, we now have more women than ever before simultaneously on the team. The whole group does excellent work and sets new standards for quality and equality.


We ended our 2018 with a fabulous Christmas concert with Carrie Rodriguez, Billy Crockett, Erin Ivey and Roscoe Beck. A night of pure joy and celebration to be remembered!